Zakynthos General Hospital "Saint Dionysios"


The hospital administration bodies are:

  • The Board of Directors (paragraph 7, Article 7 of Law 3329/2005, as it stands).
  • The Director.


In each hospital, there is an organic position of 1st degree in the category percentile of Article 79 of Law 2683/1999, which is occupied by the Director of the Hospital. In hospitals with 400 or more organic beds an organic position of 2nd degree also exists in the category percentile of Article 79 of Law 2683/1999; this is occupied by the Deputy Director of the Hospital. The Director and the Deputy Director of the Hospital are dedicated full-time and are appointed by the Minister of Health and Social Welfare with a two-year term which may be renewed in the same way. Early termination of office of the Directors and Deputy Directors of the Hospital is allowed, for right reasons, related to the performance of their duties, with no liability for the State, as well as their posting to another hospital any Health Region to meet service needs, by decision of Minister of Health and Social Solidarity, following the recommendation of the Director of the relevant Health Region.

The skills required by a candidate Director and Deputy Director are: tertiary education, special ability to exercise management functions in departments or government agencies, public or private, domestic or foreign, postgraduate studies and scientific expertise, strategic planning and programming, organization, management and operation of hospitals or businesses, health economics or social administration, as well as relevant experience.

Director Despina K. Tsaridou
Phone number +302695360610
Secretary phone number +302695360612
Fax +302695045203
Location 1st floor

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (BoD) is a seven-member body composed of:

  • The Governor of the Hospital as Chairman of the Board.
  • Three members appointed by the Minister of Health and Social Solidarity with their alternates. Since these members one defined as Vice President, who is part-time.
  • One representative of doctors employed in the hospital, elected together with his deputy by doctors NHS and physicians faculty members serving Hospital.
  • Director of Nursing Services, assisted by the oldest Director Nursing field.
  • A representative of the other, except for doctors NHS Hospital staff, elected along with his deputy, of the other, except for medical NHS staff of the hospital.

The Chairman of the Board defines the agenda of the Board meeting and the rapporteurs of issues. The Chairman may, at their discretion, invite to meetings representatives of trade unions and each official agent or representative of any scientific or local entity. The Director of the Hospital deputized by the Vice Chairman of the Board in their duties as Chairman of the Board, while in office as Director they are deputized by Deputy Director and where they do not exist by the Director of Medical Service. Board members are rapporteurs on issues of their competence.
The Board meets regularly twice a month and extraordinary at the invitation of the Chairman and operates under the provisions of Articles 13, 14 and 15 of Law no. 2690/1999.

Scientific Council

In each hospital a Scientific Council of 9 members is recommended and consisting of:

a) Two doctors with degree Director, elected by all the directors of the hospital doctors, with their alternates. b) A physician extent Deputy Director, elected by all the Deputy Directors of the hospital doctors, with his deputy. c) A physician with a degree Editor First, elected by all Bailiffs First Hospital, with his deputy. d) A physician with a degree Editor II, who is elected by all Bailiffs Second Hospital, with his deputy. e) A scientist from the Medical Service, non-physician class IP and a scientist of the Medical Service, not a doctor, class TE, of at least the first, elected by all the non-medical staff, class IP and TE respectively, within medical Service. f) A trainee doctor, elected by all the doctors in the hospital, with his deputy. g) A Nurse IP grade A ‘, and failing that a TE nurse or midwife or health visitor grade A’, elected by all nurses and midwives in the hospital, with his deputy.

If any member of the Scientific Council lost the capacity in which he has been elected, automatically cease to be a member and set new to the initial process for the remainder of the term. Replacement of a member, with the same procedure done in the case in which the member is absent for more than three consecutive meetings of the Scientific Council.

The Scientific Council regularly meets twice a month and extraordinarily when requested by the Chairman or at least two members. In the first meeting, the Scientific Council shall elect, by secret ballot, the President. Candidates for this office may be only doctors holding the rank of Director or Deputy Director. In case of a tie, the Governor of the hospital conducts the draw between the tied will, for the election of the President. The meetings of the Scientific Council minutes are kept in a special minute book endorsed by the Governor of the Hospital. The secretariat of the Scientific Council shall be entrusted to an official of the Administrative Division of the Hospital appointed by the Governor.

The mandate of the Scientific Council shall be two years and the constitution becomes a decision of the Governor of the Hospital.

The Scientific Council opinion on any matter related to the effective delivery of health care to inpatients and outpatients of the hospital. The responsibilities of the Scientific Council will include:

  • The preparation and presentation of the annual and monthly program Parsons of doctors in Divisions and Departments of the Hospital and the timeliness of the Deputy Director of the Hospital for approval, or where it does not exist, the Governor. Any change to the on-call program is only written and reasoned proposal of the Chairman of the Scientific Council and approved by the Deputy Director, or where this is not defined by the Director.
  • The establishment and monitoring of hospital activity Scientific Committees and such other committees or working groups where their composition is decided by the Director.
  • The organization of scientific events, with the participation of specialists outside hospital whenever necessary.
  • The organization and updating of classical and electronic Hospital library.
  • The responsibilities of the Ethics Committee.
  • The recommendation, to the Director, measures related to improving the functioning of the individual Hospital units, to establish priorities when planning the supply of equipment or medical supplies and anything deemed by the Director, what can improve the quality of provided services to patients.

Special Service Council

By Law 3839/2010, Article 159 – Special Service Councils

By decision of the Minister published in the Official Gazette, a Service Board is recommended in each Ministry or public entity. Exceptionally, the creation of more councils where required by specific operational reasons or special circumstances.

By decision of the body which supervises the public entities, located in the same area, may be set up one or more joint service council. A similar decision, published in the Official Gazette, is determined and the headquarters of the joint service council.

The Service Councils are responsible for selecting the heads of Departments and independent offices or similar level of organizational units and the general conditions of service of public service employees, certain legal entity or more public entities (joint).

The Service Councils of the staff of public services and public entities They are five and consist of:

a) Three (3) permanent Chief Directorate staff, by those who are the responsibility of the Service Council and serving in headquarters or in Attica, for the Service Councils established in this area. If there are no or not enough of the service concerned officials with the above conditions is to define members of the Service Council, designated officers from other public service or public corporation who fulfill these requirements. If the number of servicemen at the headquarters of the Service Council is not sufficient for its establishment, defined officials serving outside the seat of the county, which qualify.

b) Two (2) representatives elected officials in Grade.

Members of the Service Council appointed by the relevant Minister or the General Secretary of the Region or the board of public corporation. One of the members referred to a case of the preceding paragraph is defined as the President and a Deputy President.

The members referred to the case b of the previous paragraph shall be elected by direct universal suffrage and secret ballot in accordance with the provisions of Nos. DIKPR / F.80 / 30/8703 / 09.19.1988 (Government Gazette 684 / B) Decision Minister of the Presidency of the Government, as amended and in force.