Zakynthos General Hospital "Saint Dionysios"


Certificates of hospitalization and examination certificates of the Outpatient Clinics are administered by the Secretariat of the hospital, after submitting an application.
Their issuance for interested users of health services provided by the hospital shall take place within the time prescribed by law.
Our hospital has a license for the operation of a file with sensitive personal data from the Data Protection Authority and for this reason is particularly sensitive to medical confidentiality. Hospitalization or patient examination certificates and their medical dossier is strictly personal and strictly confidential.


  • The service must issue the certificate within a period of 5 working days, or no later than the time set by law (Law. 2690/99, Article 4).
  • The use of medical records and the information contained in the patient’s certificate, must be handled with appropriate confidentiality.
  • In the Certificate, the attending physician of the patient is signing and confirming the diagnosis; in their absence the Head physician of the Clinic is signing and confirming diagnosis instead.
  • If the certificate is not delivered within the specified time, then should the Patient Traffic Office or the attending physician – depending on who is responsible for the delay – inform in writing the patient for the delay and state the date and method of receiving the Certificate, with their physical presence or by post (Law. 2690/99, Article 4).
  • If the individual themselves or the legal representative or guardian is unable either to request or to receive the certificate, then, in their place, a person authorized by law by them or their legal representative or guardian may.
  • A Certificate of Hospitalization may be required for a patient who has either left the hospital or a patient who remains hospitalized.
  • The certificate is drawn up in three copies: the original to the person concerned, a copy for the medical file of the patient, and one for the Protocol.
  • Medical Certificate may be refused when the doctor thinks and states in written that doctor-patient confidentiality is violated . In this case the applicant is informed in written (Law 2690/99, Article 4).