Zakynthos General Hospital "Saint Dionysios"

Discharging Procedure

Exiting tickets (discharge notices) are issued daily. Relatives must be there early in the hospital, in order to complete the necessary procedures in time. Their timely arrival at Hospital serves the other patients waiting for admission.
At the end of treatment, a discharge form is delivered, in duplicate, to the Head of the Department, and to the patient or their companion, who is present at the Patient Traffic Department for authentication and accounting settlement. Then, the certified copy of discharge, is presented and exhibited to the Head of Department.

During discharge procedure the patient or their companion(s) shall:

  • Necessarily come to the competent office to arrange the discharge, to receive their health booklet and receive any other relevant directive.
  • In case they are uninsured, must, upon discharge, pay the relevant charge, which is proportional to the number of hospitalization days, or the cost of the surgery they underwent. For the actual payable amount they can be updated by the relevant office (Patient Accounting).
  • If again, they  have private insurance, the cost of hospitalization, can be held by the insurance company, which is notified for the admission by the patient themselves. The insurance company must send the document with which it undertakes their customer costs of hospitalization to the Patient Traffic Department. If not included in the agreement concluded by the patient with their insurance company, then they shall pay the above mentioned charge. The service receipt the patient gets from the hospital, can be used as evidence in their tax return.

Before your departure please make sure that:

  • You were properly informed about the treatment that will follow after you leave the hospital.
  • Asked the Head of Nursing Department for any medical documents, you should have with you when you leave.
  • Return to the hospital any equipment you may have used.
  • Arrange your financial obligations with the Patient Accounting.
  • Receive your discharge notice from the Patient Accounts Department.
  • Schedule any appointments at the Hospital Outpatient Clinics for your post-hospitalization following.