Zakynthos General Hospital "Saint Dionysios"

Visiting Patients

The presence of relatives and other guests 24-hours a day in the wards and other areas of the hospital, is creating serious problems for both patients, and the Nursing Staff hampered in carrying out its duties. Because patients with serious health problems get tired easily, the visit should be as short as possible.

Visiting hours for patients is determined by the decision of the Hospital Administration.

General Notes

Communication with your loved ones during hospitalization is very important. But equally important is staying calm during hospitalization, health security and the proper healthcare conditions for you and other patients.


  • Comply with Management’s operating rules and the Hospital Departments.
  • No loud discussions that might disturb other patients during visits. That is why it is allowed the simultaneous presence in the chamber only for two visitors per patient.
  • Stay of family and friends in the wards should be kept short and not crowded.
  • Do not allow children to run or wander aimlessly in the corridors.
  • Escorts remaining in the chambers must take care to maintaining cleanliness. Do not sit on the beds of patients, nor put flowers in the wards and keep food, soft drinks and coffee; they are transformed into microbes.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited during visiting hours and in all indoor areas of the hospital.
  • Maintain the site clean and respect the property of the hospital.
  • Cooperate with all those who daily toil on patient health.
  • Escorts may contribute in  the effort of the Blood Donation Department to meet the needs for blood.