Zakynthos General Hospital "Saint Dionysios"

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In this page you will find useful links about healthcare in Greece.

Description Link
Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity
Patras General Hospital “Agios Andreas”
Chemotherapy Unit G.N.P. “Agios Andreas”
General University Hospital of Patras (Rio)
Medical Association of Patras
Achaian Hospitals Union of Physicians
Panhellenic Federation of Public Hospitals Employees
Greek Society for Management of Health Services
National School of Public Health
Health Procurement Committee
Drug Prices Sheets
Closed Consolidated Medical Bills
Therapeutic Prescription Protocols
Sanitary Regulations of Public Health
Hospitals on Duty
Pharmacies on Duty
National Drug Organization
EOPYY (National Organization of Healthcare Services)
Helthcare Map of Greece
Psychiatric Reformation Program “PSYCHARGOS”
National Action Plan for Cancer