Zakynthos General Hospital "Saint Dionysios"

Admission Procedure

The need for admission in Zakynthos Hospital is ascertained  by a hospital doctor (planned admission), or by the doctor on duty in Emergencies (emergency admission).

Emergency Admission: The patient attends at Hospital first examination by the doctor on duty in the Emergency Department Clinics. Whenever immediate introduction is considered necessary, an Urgent Ticket is issued by the doctor with which the admission is made by the Patients Traffic Office.

Planned Admission: The ticket for the planned admission is issued by the hospital doctors, after examining the patient in Outpatient Clinics.

Required Documents

Upon admission, patients must bear:

  • Identification card
  • Health Booklet of their insurance carrier
  • They should know their SSN, TIN and falling ISG.

In case of emergency admission the above data should be presented in the Accounts hospitalized patients by their patient.